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Supporting Good Causes: Walking on Roses® has been helping our friends raise money and awareness for their favorite causes since we first began.

We've worked with friends on Leiomyosarcoma, brain tumor awareness, and more. Work with us to shed light on diseases that have had an impact on you, your family or friends.

Mary Ann's Garden of Hope
In loving memory of Mary Ann Hvolbeck LMS Research Fund


The family and special friends of Mary Ann Hvolbeck approached us and asked if they could design a pair of flip flops in Mary Ann’s honor and that part of the proceeds would be donated to The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation (NLSF). A special pair of flip flops in shades of purple with green accents to represent LeioMyoSarcoma awareness and Mary Ann's hope for a cure.

"You must surround yourself with love"

Mary Ann Hvolbeck battled LeioMyoSarcoma with hope and courage, and left behind a legacy of close family and friends that are devoted to bringing light to their cause. We were only happy and honored to have been asked to help. Designed in memory of Mary Ann Hvolbeck, 1957-2007.

Jaclyn's Garden of Healing | The Friends of Jaclyn Foundation
To help raise brain tumor awareness

In 2004, Jaclyn Murphy was diagnosed with Medullablastoma, a life-threatening brain tumor. Her family approached us soon after and asked if we would team together and have Jaclyn design a special flip flop to help raise brain tumor awareness. Each rose Jaclyn chose has a special meaning for her: Baby Maise is for the Light of Life, Beauty is for Love, Mint is for Faith, Grape is for Hope and Electric Blue is for Strength. Jaclyn is presently an athletics coach at Arlington High School. Learn more about Jaclyn's foundation here.

Maggie's Garden | The Philadelphia Foundation for the Maggie Medvitz Education Fund
In Loving Memory of Maggie Medvitz

Maggie was diagnosed with a brain tumor as a baby. Maggie’s mom told us that pink and yellow represent Maggie's favorite sippy cup colors. She would alternate the tops and bottoms so she would always have a pink and yellow combination. To donate to Maggie's Education Fund click here.


It's so easy. All you have to do is get in touch. Tell us about your charity, then design your 'A Good Cause' flip flop. (We can help with that.) We'll add your design to our site and donate $5 from the proceeds of every one we sell. 

Please fill out the form below. We will contact you for any additional information that may be required.


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